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TAMARA MCKINLEY is the worldwide best-selling author of twelve novels set in Australia.   Her books have been translated and published in twenty languages, achieving over 2,000,000 sales and excellent reviews.

Tamara was born in Tasmania, but now lives in England.   Raised by her English grandmother and two elderly great aunts, Tamara learned to read and write very early on.   Her love for books was nurtured throughout her formative years, but it wasn’t until she was forty, that she had the time to actually try her hand at writing a novel.

Having finished her education in an English boarding school – which she hated – Tamara went on to secretarial college and subsequently tried various different and interesting jobs.   She worked for the local council’s entertainment manager, for a fish supplier, a private school and a holiday camp – where she met Tom Jones and Gene Pitney who were just two of the many stars who came to the camp to entertain the holidaymakers.

Tamara married and had three children.   Her eldest son, Brett, now lives in Buderim, Queensland, is married to Fiona and they have two sons, Brandon and Liam.   Her second son, Wayne, has lived in Australia, Thailand and France – and is now planning to return to Thailand.   Tamara’s daughter, Nina, is a psychiatric nurse and lives in Hove.

Tamara is now married to the Englishman she met when she was sixteen and is blissfully happy.   They live in a tiny hamlet on the south coast of England with their two cats, Blue and Tilly, and enjoy the stunning views of the South Downs which surround them.   They both enjoy travelling, good wine and seafood, and socializing with their friends and families.   Tamara really loves Latin dancing, and wishes her husband didn’t have two left feet!

Tamara returns to Australia most years to do her research, promote her books and to visit her family and get a delicious taste of the Queensland sun.

Matilda’s Last Waltz, Jacaranda Vines, Windflowers, Summer Lightning, Undercurrents, Dreamscapes.

The Oceana Trilogy – Lands Beyond the Sea, A Kingdom for the Brave, Legacy.

The Ocean Child, released spring 2014, Firestorm, due for release autumn 2014, Savannah Winds (previously entitled Morning Glory), to be released winter 2014

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Psychological Thrillers: Reap the Whirlwind and Queens Flight (Hodder & Stoughton)