A Kingdom for the Brave


Surviving a vicious massacre, the Aboriginal boy, Mandawuy is the last of his tribe. He will face the ultimate choice – to join with the white man, or to rebel alongside the warriors who are waging a war against them, pitting their stone-age weapons against guns.

When George Collinson meets Eloise at the Governor’s Mansion in Sydney, it is love at first sight. But Eloise is married to Edward Cadwallader – George’s nemesis and a man capable of great brutality, a man who will never let Eloise or their son leave him alive...

Their husbands are devoted friends but Nell Penhalligan and Alice Quince clash from the moment they meet. However, when tragedy threatens, they will have to overcome their enmity to make a success of the outback sheep station they rely on for survival.

Niall Logan is one of many Irish children sent to Sydney in chains. As he struggles to survive the cruelty in the convict colony, he yearns only for freedom and a ship to take him home. Despite the knowledge that insurrection is punishable by hanging, a chance to rebel will change everything for him.

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A KINGDOM FOR THE BRAVE is the second emotional, heartbreaking epic from Tamara McKinley, following the lives of pioneers, warriors, families and lovers, all set against the rich tapestry of newly-colonised Australia.

Lancashire Evening Post Click here for Pam Norfolk's full review
Daily Telegraph ANZ  A dazzling historical novel that combines passion with social conscience, and in turn captures readers’ hearts.
Woman’s Day Great curl-up by the fire reading
Notebook Magazine A powerful tale about survival, loyalty and conflict
Doubleday Entertainment, Australia With all the drama, adventure and larger-than-life characters that made Lands Beyond The Sea addictive reading, Tamara McKinley returns with another rollicking ride through Australia's colonial past.
Weaving together four story strands into a sumptuously satisfying epic, she explores the journeys of pioneers, warriors, families and lovers as they fight for their futures. For Irish convict Niall, the battle is for freedom, while Aboriginal boy Mandawuy must decide to join the white men, or rebel alongside his own kind. Will George fight for the love of a woman married to another? And how can Nell and Alice overcome their enmity in order to survive?
This is a saga that satisfies to the end.
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