Summer Lightning


Miriam Strong had been looking forward to her family arriving at Bellbird Station to help her celebrate her seventy-fifth birthday.  Yet, with the discovery of the first tangible clue to her stolen inheritance, has also come the knowledge that she must again face an old enemy - and the painful memories of a time long past.

Jake Connor is a divorced lawyer who crosses Miriam's path and she enlists his help.  So begins the quest for the truth.  Like he unexpected strike of Summer Lightning this quest is to set to change things forever.  Especially for Miriam's grand-daughters, Fiona and Louise.  For one will find love, and the other will find the courage to acknowledge her true worth and become the woman she was meant to be.

First published 2003 Piatkus, UK

Time Out An epic, gripping, tautly plotted novel with a final courtroom twist worthy of John Grisham
Woman's Weekly A good Australian saga that will keep you reading happily all day.  Relax and enjoy.

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