In 1894 the SS Arcadia sets sail from Liverpool. On Board are Eva Hamilton and her husband Frederick, a newly married couple setting off for a new life in Australia where Frederick is to become Her Majesty's Land Surveyor. Only a few miles from the western shores of Australia the Arcadia is hit by an unexpected storm ...

Years later, Olivia Hamilton makes the same journey under very different circumstances. Still dealing with the aftermath of her mother's death and her experiences of war-torn London, she has returned to her homeland to discover the truth behind the secret cache of documents among her late mother's effects.

Never one for hugs and kisses, Olivia had still grown up in the secure knowledge that her mother loved her. This had more than compensated for her older sister's dislike. Are these documents the cause of Irene's antipathy? Now Olivia needs Irene's help to discover the truth. But the years have not mellowed her sister's hatred. And while Olivia is determined to pursue her quest, like Eva Hamilton all those years before, she has no idea where this journey will take her. 

     First published 2004 Piatkus, UK
Anne Worboys, Author A marvel of inventiveness, the characters throbbing with life ... Australia is vividly portrayed. A terrific read

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